Use your hands in VR

A realistic hand simulator for real time applications.
Comprehensive & surprisingly easy to use. Patented


Handbox: a sandbox for your hands

Discover the possibilities of CLAP in Virtual Reality with this sandbox. Touch, grasp, roll… all the natural actions are possible thanks to our hand physics model, which is able to follow the real hand while colliding with the objects.

Available for Oculus Quest 1 & 2.





Real-time hand simulation

Hand tracking

Soft skin simulation

Contact & Grasping

CLAP for Unity and Unreal

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Lite Educational Pro
No. of hands 1 2 2
Interaction hand-object
Unity plugin
Unreal plugin

Currently only compatible with Leap Motion

Leap Motion integration
Oculus Quest integration
Future tracking integrations
Tracking SDK

Buttons, sliders, etc.

Inter-object collision (Experimental)
Commercial use